POS Integration


If you want an integration with POS for unified billing, more granular printing options and/or keeping a history of orders into the POS then you may use the API to integrate with a POS at your choice. You may start by hiring your own professional developer who can integrate such a 3rd party POS using the API.

There are three particular POS systems that offer a well-documented integration setup which are:  

- Mobi POS
- SambaPOS
- Dineplan

In addition to the POS integrations mentioned above, another 45+ POS integrations are available through the Checkmate middle-ware solution via https://www.itsacheckmate.com/ #pos-integrations with possibility to merge all your Ordering Channels in to one system including JustEat, UberEats, Deliveroo and many more. Take control of all your Ordering Platform Menus in one place!